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Amateur Artists Community

Amateur New Art
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The reason this community was created has been dealt with, so now I'm going to make of this community a haven for all "new age" artists. What this means is that I'm going keep this community simply for those who play with digital art and other forms of new arts. I'm not going to limit members of this community from posting any form of art they wish, just figured that rather than take away from amateur_artists' members, we could simply narrow the scope of our art!

On that note, have fun!

Few simple rules:

1 - LJ Cut your images please. Some people are still using dial up and some people don't like pictures cluttering up their Friends' list. It's just a matter of respect really.

2 - No flaming. This is a community where people come to get advice and to show their art and progress. Constructive criticism is welcome, but please refrain from being hurtful.

If there are any problems, you will be warned. If you choose to ignore the warnings you will be banned. I'm going to leave this an open community, but if I find that I have problems with people, I will start moderating entrants.

__creativity is our sister community! You should join them too as they will be supplying the same services as we are! :)

amateur_artists is our mother community! You should join them to have your art critiqued as they're a very good community as well!