Your Streetcar (stcarnamedwant) wrote in new_amateur_art,
Your Streetcar

As always, comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated!

I've had a photo of this one for a long time, but it never got posted here, just in me LJ. My bf, and I know it's out of proportion with the original ^_^ The original is really tiny, so it was kinda hard to make it that big. Prismacolor Verithins.

"Burn, Baby, Burn" Dunno why I drew a candle, but I did... Prismacolor Verithins.

"Seagull Family Portrait" Pretty seascape, I think... Prismacolor Verithins.

"Gave up on a Self-Portrait" Gave up on a self-portrait and just drew a random girl... Prismacolor Verithins.

An unfinished project I started at camp last week... I believe I was using a 6B pencil.
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